Cannabidiol (CBD) Water Soluble Liquid

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Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate Water Soluble Liquid

2% – 10% CBD | 0% THC

Siam Herbal Tech’s water soluble CBD isolate is a nanoemulsified liquid concentrate. Our water soluble CBD isolate liquid is formulated with pure CBD isolate, it is completely THC free and contains no additional cannabinoids. Our water soluble CBD’s is versatile and consistent in quality. It can disperse seamlessly with any beverage or any liquid food with minimal alteration in flavor and texture.

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CBD Distillate Water Soluble Liquid

2% – 10% CBD | <0.2% THC | Minor Cannabinoids

Siam Herbal Tech’s water soluble CBD distillate is a nano-emulsified liquid CBD concentrate. Formulated to include the benefits of hemp terpenes and minor cannabinoids, this ingredient can complement a beverage’s flavor profile. The water soluble CBD distillate has the same consistency and usefulness as the isolate version.

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